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This wiki serves as translation platform for openSUSE wiki.

The goals of translators can vary from:

  • simple translation of single article for friends,
  • group of articles to present openSUSE to interested people that don't use English, or
  • creation of base for separate wiki server.
  • there can be other goals like something similar to

Translation process is meant to use articles from or any other wiki that translator can use to create articles in own language. To make handling of articles easier we transferred essentials from English wiki and for the rest one can ask on opensuse-wiki mail list. We prefer communication about needs, so that everything can be incorporated in this wiki with a system that doesn't step on other contributors toes.

Basic wiki structure is the same as . The difference will be in article handling and grouping that will make easy to browse, or search wiki looking for specific language.

  • Each language will have one mandatory main category, with subcategories as needed named by English name of the language with redirects as described below. This will be used for organization and maintenance purposes.
  • Second category will be arbitrary. It will be named by original language name, it will be subcategory of the first and it will contain articles with fully translated titles. This will be listed on language portal as browsing help for visitors that look for particular language. It will allow simulation of separate language server by linking articles in particular language directly.
  • Every article will have "LANG-English title" as redirect to fully translated title. This way wiki maintainers will be able to group and regroup articles as in English wiki.

To be continued :)