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Welcome to the Translation Portal edit

Translating articles between openSUSE wikis in different languages is important activity that will bring openSUSE to more readers and allow to share knowledge that otherwise will not be available to everybody.

Things to do edit

  • Write translation instructions (above in Topics, now in red links)
  • protect all pages that are source for translators (currently all in English). They will be updated by admin(s) and later bot.
  • to make handling of all languages equal (nice for scripting) current set of English pages should moved to EN-Article_title. Side effect would be that translator has to remember only to replace EN with language code for target language.
  • check how to reduce number of articles that are missing.

Concept that lists mandatory pages and then let translator cope with the rest did not work well in the past.

  • fix categories
  • upload files (images)
Far goals
  • have a set of pages that can be fixed (article titles and links) for particular language

All of Translation edit


Screenshots edit

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