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The openSUSE community are helpful people. We would like to be here for you. This is a list of various ways to contact other openSUSE members, ask the questions, discuss openSUSE and Linux.

News portal


openSUSE News is a news portal that provides the latest openSUSE news. Important announcements are also sent to the opensuse-announce mailing list but this site has a broader scope: to cover all events in the openSUSE universe. Anyone can comment on news articles, but to contribute news stories, you must request an account first.

Mailing lists

Mailing Lists

The electronic mailing list is a way to communicate with other openSUSE community members. For more mailing lists and for advanced information about using mailing lists, see here. This also gives background information on technical issues such as subscribing to openSUSE mailing lists and leaving (unsubscribing). Please also note the rules of engagement, our mailing list netiquette, that describes consent on what is appropriate on our lists.

  • - This is the list where most technical support and discussions can occur; start here!
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Please note that the support mailing list is very active and can send you over 100 emails per day! There is also:

  • - The mailing list where non-technical aspects of the openSUSE distribution and community are discussed. Join us!
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Instant chat (IRC)


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a great way to connect with openSUSE community members in real time chat and for support. IRC uses popular client software, such as Konversation, Kvirc, X-Chat or instant messenger clients that support the IRC protocol like Pidgin. All are included in openSUSE. Although chatting occurs in a group forum, you can also privately chat with online members.

The main support channel is #opensuse on To start chatting, simply click on the #opensuse link! To see a complete list of all IRC channels, and support channels in other languages, head over to our IRC list. If you are a new to IRC take a look at the IRC for the newbies.

Online forums


Forums are a way to actively interact with a community. You can discuss issues with other community members, ask questions, and share experiences. You can access forums easily via your web browser.

  • The official openSUSE forums are at and contain the combined knowledge and expertise of the community of previously independent forums which have merged into the openSUSE project.
  • For a list of all other web forums, see Forums list.

Head over and jump right into the discussions. We welcome your participation.



A blog (or weblog) is a Web site in which openSUSE community members post about things on a regular basis.

Social networks

Social Networks

There's more information about openSUSE and social networks at Social media contacts.

The following links will bring you to openSUSE groups in some social networks:

Other methods


There are plenty of other ways to communicate with openSUSE users or to get support: