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Portal is a bit specific.

It contains few sections that are actually located on subpages, which have to be translated using rules for simple article translation, but the main page needs some minimum translation. On example of Portal:Support and Russian language:

Title translation

You have to create page Portal:RU-Support that will have only this line:

#redirect Portal:Поддержкa

Follow the link Portal:Поддержкa and create new article using Template:Портал that is available from drop down menu above edit field.

For the titles that are just number, so there is not translation to make difference we should use Portal:11.3 (Русский) .

Screenshot here

As you can see word Portal is not translated. It is a wiki identification for namespace Portal: and if translated will change article namespace, which is not wanted. Basically each prefix that is name of the namespace should not be changed. If the goal is to have own wiki that can be fixed later.

Article translation

{{Box-header|<big>Welcome to the {{PAGENAME}} Portal</big>|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Intro|}}

Translate: Добро пожаловать в Портал.

{{Box-header|Support options|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Options|}}

Translate: Варианты поддержки

{{Box-header|In the news|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/News|}}
{{Box-footer|[ More news...]}}

Translate: Новости
Translate: Узнать больше...

{{Box-header|Things to do|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/TODO|}}

Translate: Задачи к выполнению


Translate: Поиск

{{Box-header|Navigation|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Related portals|}}

Translate: Навигация

{{Box-header|Related projects|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Related projects|}}

Translate: "Похожие проекты"

Only first "Related projects" must be changed. Second is subpage name and it can be anything that helps wiki editor to locate it in Portal page, even just "RP" will do it.




There is very little to translate. All that is not given explicitly visitors will not see, so there is no need for translation.