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  • Draft idea of web based support (help, "wizard") that will guide new user; wizard language must be plain - no technical lingo;
  • Expand support topics to include web services. Currently it is written with distribution in mind, and even that is coarse with the general links, like openSUSE:Communication channels, which is now link to all article about communication channels, from support to development and chat.
  • Solve red links - partially done.
  • Create some category organization for support topics.
  • Fix use of the categorytree. The prerequisite is to have some category organization to show.

Done !

  • SDB:HOWTOs looks obsolete, sdb articles can be browsed from the sdb portal
  • one little interactive support topic is forgotten - search
  • see why right column can't go to the top; clear:both just lowers left column leaving 2 lines space between title and first text.