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About Me edit

My name is Matthew Ehle (either Matt or Matthew is fine with me). I live in Provo, UT, USA, where I am working on my Master's in Information Systems. I am married, with no kids (yet).

I am the web admin for the openSUSE blogs, wikis, and www page. As such, my job is to help support the openSUSE community by building and maintaining the systems and infrastructure of the official openSUSE wikis and blogs. Although I do this as part of my job, I also happen to be an advocate of openSUSE, Linux, and pretty much anything open source. So you will see me contribute material to the wikis, forum, and blogs from time to time.

My journey with Linux started with a general frustration with Windows and an inclination to find something better. Not long after I started using Linux, I began working for Novell, which pretty much sealed the deal for me. It also brought me into the world of SUSE Linux, which continues to be by far my favorite distro for server installations.

I specialize in LAMP administration and performance testing/engineering.

Contact edit

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