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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a great way to connect with openSUSE community members in real time chat and for support. IRC uses popular client software, such as konversation, kvirc, xchat or instant messenger clients that support the IRC protocol. All of them are included in openSUSE. Although chatting occurs in a group forum, you can also privately chat with online members.

Please take note of the IRC rules before you join.

Below is a list of all the registered openSUSE channels, all of which are on (powered by

openSUSE IRC Channels
Channel Description
#SUSE/#openSUSE Standard SUSE channel. Ask for help or support here.
#openSUSE-chat "Off-topic" channel, chat about topics not covered by other channels. Netiquette applies in off-topic chat also.
#openSUSE-artwork Discussing artwork related things
#openSUSE-boosters Discussion and development channel for the openSUSE:Boosters team.
#openSUSE-bugs Bug triaging channel, with bugbot, who reports all new openSUSE bugs
#openSUSE-buildservice Some build service developers and users do hang around here.
#openSUSE-edu "Education" channel, chat about openSUSE's educational software offerrings.
#openSUSE-factory Technical aspects of current development and test version.
#openSUSE-gnome openSUSE GNOME discussion and development
#openSUSE-kde openSUSE KDE discussion and development
#openSUSE-kernel openSUSE kernel discussion and development
#openSUSE-kiwi KIWI discussion and development
#openSUSE-lxde LXDE channel, chat about openSUSE-LXDE Project.
#openSUSE-marketing Feedback and discussion about openSUSE marketing
#openSUSE-mirrors Discussing mirrors infrastructure related things
#openSUSE-mozilla Discussing mozilla related things
#openSUSE-newsletter openSUSE Weekly News Feedback and collecting Ideas
#openSUSE-project Community discussions about the openSUSE project. Issues like its development direction or the wiki etc.
#openSUSE-testing Testing Feedback and discussion about testing openSUSE
#openSUSE-translation Discussion and help regarding distribution and wiki translation
#openSUSE-wiki openSUSE Wiki discussion
#openSUSE-server All things openSUSE server: discussion and development
#openSUSE-xen openSUSE XEN discussion and development
#openSUSE-xfce Xfce channel, chat about openSUSE-Xfce Project.
#yast YaST Discussion and Development
#zypp Zypp (package management) Discussion and Development
Localised Support/Discussion Channels
Channel Description
#susecz Czech and Slovak speaking SUSE/openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-de German speaking openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-de-chat German speaking openSUSE channel for offtopic discussion
#openSUSE-es Spanish speaking openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-fi Finnish speaking openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-fr French speaking openSUSE channel Greek speaking openSUSE channel Hungarian speaking openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-it Italian speaking openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-in Channel for the Indian community Dutch speaking SUSE/openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-nordic Common Swedish, Danish and Norwegian openSUSE channel Polish speaking openSUSE/SUSE channel
#openSUSE-pt Portuguese speaking openSUSE-channel Russian speaking openSUSE channel
#openSUSE-cn Chinese speaking openSUSE channel (Simplified Chinese)
#openSUSE-tw Chinese speaking openSUSE channel (Traditional Chinese)
openSUSE Forum Channels
Channel Description
#openSUSE-forums The official channel. The channel.