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Usenet (Newsgroups)

Usenet operates in a similar fashion to mailing lists. It consists of newsgroups to which you have to subscribe using newsgroup reader software, such as KNode.

You have to connect to a Usenet server and reader software will pull list of newsgroups. Select groups that you want to read (this is called subscribe) and you are good to go. Most of Internet Service Providers (ISP) have newsgroups servers and will provide you with information how to configure usenet client.

Usenet may also be available via third-party Web clients, but their services may often be limited and subject to additional costs. The most prominent is Google groups, that works excellent as a search engine, but you can't post to all newsgroups and some newsgroups communities don't like the default format of messages produced by their web interface (alt.os.linux.suse).

For in-depth information about Usenet, see the wikipedia article.

openSUSE Related Newsgroups

There is also a mailinglist to news gateway for all openSUSE and SUSE mailinglists. This service is brought to you by

If you want to post messages to the mailinglists, you need to subscribe to the lists. You can use the nomail subscription ( if you prefer not to receive all postings as mail.