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Maintenance guidelines
The Tag guidelines define the use and function article tags used in article maintenance.

Maintenance purpose

The following template messages may be added to articles that need editing. The purpose of each template is to quickly inform editors and readers potential problems with the current article, and to spur improvement of the openSUSE wiki.

Maintenance policy

Deletion policy

Pages and images in the openSUSE wiki can only be deleted by administrators.

  • Administrators should refer to this policy when deciding to delete pages or images.
  • Non-administrators can ask for page deletions by inserting a {{delete|Reason}} or {{SpeedDelete|Reason}} tag into the page.

Criteria for immediate deletion:

  • Nonsense - text with no meaning, random characters, blank.
  • Test Pages - testing should be done in your user page or the Help:Sandbox.
  • Deletion requested by the only contributor - administrators should check the page's history.
  • Breaks the openSUSE Rules of conduct.

If a page doesn't meet the criteria for immediate deletion, then it should not be deleted immediately.

Protected Page policy

Only a very few pages can be edited by administrators only.

  • Please ask an administrator to correct or improve such pages.
  • Administrators should be careful. Make sure that you know what you are doing!

Article tags


Icon-expand.png This article is a stub!
This article needs to be expanded. You are welcome to help in line with the Style Guidelines.


Icon-cleanup.png This article is in need of attention because it does not follow our wiki guidelines.
If you want to contribute, please familiarize yourself with them. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we are more then willing to help you! :-)


Icon-obsolete.png This article refers to the version 'Version' and it is now obsolete!
Please refer to this article's discussion page for more information.
  • Code: {{Obsolete|Version}}
  • Description: Tags obsolete articles that are no longer relevant.
  • Where: Top of the page
  • Related templates: Cleanup, Delete, Expand, Merge


Icon-merge.png This article or section should be merged with Page name !
You are welcome to edit this article, but please refer to the discussion page to complete the merge as soon as possible.
  • Code: {{Merge|Page Name}}
  • Description: Tags article that should be merged with the required Page Name.
  • Where: Top of the page
  • Related templates: Cleanup, Delete, Expand, Obsolete


Icon-trash.png This article is being considered for deletion! Reason: Reason.
Please do not blank, merge, or move this article, or remove this notice. Refer to this article's discussion page and our deletion policy for more information.

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