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Maintenance guidelines
Article validation allows for Editor and Reviewer users to rate revisions of articles and set those revisions as the default revision to show upon normal page view. These revisions will remain the same even if included templates are changed or images are overwritten.


We are using the 'Flagged Revs' wiki extension to ensure the quality of the distribution documentation. Each revision of a page is flagged to indicate its quality. Changes and new pages in the following namespaces become visible to all users after a review by the Wiki team.

Namespaces where revision control is in use:

Revision control

Pages that are under revision control can have two different versions:

  • Stable revision is the most recent "quality" revision. Displayed by default to all users, whether logged in or not.
  • Current revision is the latest revision, whether reviewed and approved or not. Displayed by default to administrators, and visible via the "Draft" link to all logged-in users.


  • 1.png Draft means that an article has not been looked at.
  • 2.png Sighted means that an article has been looked at and does not contain vandalism.
  • 3.png Quality means that a real content check has been done.


Articles can be rated with the flags which are scaled from 0 (zero) to 3 (three) as explained in the following table.

Flag Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Accuracy Unapproved Sighted Accurate Well sourced
Depth Unapproved Basic Moderate High
Readability Unapproved Acceptable Good Concise
  • Reviewers can use full scale from 0 to 3, which is appropriate for experts on topic.
  • Editors can use 0 to 2, which can be used by advanced users.
  • An article that has been flagged with at least a 2-rating (shaded cells) in accuracy, depth and readability will be considered as quality revision and displayed by default to all users.

User groups

  • Editors review revisions for vandalism, nonsense, or other graffiti. They can mark an article as sighted, i.e. not containing obvious vandalism, or quality, but they have access up to level 2 quality flags.
  • Reviewers validate revisions more thoroughly for accuracy and completeness. They can mark an article as quality with highest level 3 flags.

Validation tasks

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