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What is a Personal Page?

Every user with a Novell login account have a personal page on any wiki in domain.

Personal page exists in the user namespace User: of the openSUSE wiki. When you are logged in then your personal page is linked under you user name at the top right corner, right below search field. In case that you are not logged in then it is a bit more complicated. You have to know in what wiki you created your user page then type URL of that wiki, for instance and then your user name without any spaces after colon (:).

You must be warned that the "personal" adjective of your "personal page" means only that this page has your login as name. Anybody can read it, refer to the "recent changes" special page, even write on it (or delete it's content). This page content is in no way private.

Personal pages policy

The selection of content that any user can write on his personal page is free, as long as it is in accordance with the Terms of site.

  • That is this page can describe it's user, use a photograph or any graph showing it's user (many people use an identity photograph, others an representative icon).
  • It can hold a link to the personal page or blog of it's user, but no advertisement of any kind.
  • As anywhere in the wiki, you can link to the web site of any opensource product, hopefully with a notice about this product if not obvious, even link to a commercial product if it's use is directly related to openSUSE or Linux.

Writing to another users personal page

It's a very bad idea to write on the personal page of any other user without very important reason. If you want to communicate with this user, use the User_Talk:<UserLogin> page of this user, instead. Any wiki page, including personal pages, have a discussion/talk page. If you do so, as soon as this user logs in, he is alerted that he has a message and he can go to his talk page to read it.