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Content guidelines
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The content in this wiki is separated by target audience in a couple of collections called namespaces to ensure that we have control over project and distribution presentation to casual visitors, but at the same time targeted search and browsing for those that look for specific areas, like support, information about subprojects, hardware database entries, etc. Separation helps also to apply tools (MediaWiki extensions) where they are needed.

Namespaces are indicated in page titles by prefixing the page name with namespace:, so the prefix Help: in this page's title Help:Namespaces indicates that this page is in the Help namespace.

The often mentioned namespace called Main has no prefix. For instance article Acronyms is in the main namespace.

Content namespaces

These are the namespaces where all the written content lives.

  • Main - Presentation of the current version of the openSUSE distribution. Everything for consumers of our distribution including installation instructions and applications presentation articles. Any troubleshooting and not supported procedures does not belong here, but in SDB (see below). Example ATI and SDB:ATI.
  • SDB (Support Data Base) - Help, Howtos, support. If you have a problem with the distribution you will find help here. The regular installation and other supported procedures does not belong here, but any workaround for missing functionality and bugs, does.
  • openSUSE - Presentation and working pages of our teams, tools and projects. Everything for the contributors to our project.
  • HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) - Information on which hardware works well with openSUSE, or not.
  • Help - Instructions, guidelines and examples, regarding the wiki. Everything for the contributors to our wiki.
  • Archive For content that has no current value, but we want to preserve it for future reference.

Service namespaces

These are the namespaces that provide something for written content. For instance pictures or other files, templates or categories.

  • Category - Categories are essential for wiki browsing and correct display of lists of related content. See Help:Category for more.
  • Template - Templates are texts that are needed in many articles and it makes sense to keep them in one article ready for inclusion. It saves typing effort to authors and offer common solution which gives content the same look and feel.
  • Files - Files are images, presentation articles, cheat sheets etc.
  • User - User pages or personal pages are pages where user can introduce themselves with their goals and interests, develop ideas until it is ready for publishing in some other part of the wiki. See Help:Personal pages

Namespaces with review process

Review process is used in: