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There is a number of the ways one can have the best intentions and still hide content from the wiki readers, or give hard time other contributors to reuse existing content. Giving articles title that is hard or impossible to guess is one of them.
  • YaST/Modules/Online_Update mangles well known name of YaST module "YaST Online Update" (YOU):

1) using unusual word order,
2) adding word "modules" to the title (known to insiders, not the new openSUSE users)
3) unusual separator between words "/" (slash) instead of space.

Good intention was to organize YaST related articles by groups and one of the groups was by module. Author decided to use subpages as organizational model as that is familiar to everyone using file system. Bad is that such model is good for relatively static content with elements that belong to single topic, but YOU is "package management", "software management", "online update", "software update", "update", "YaST module", "software update module" and probably few more.

Wiki visitor that is looking for help around YOU can use any of mentioned names as a search term. Whatever term is used search must return either direct access to the article, or article must be one of top search results. This will happen with some words.

In the worst position are the wiki authors and editors that want to point user to YOU. Instead to write simple [[YaST online update]], or [[YOU]] and have link to the article, they have to browse, or search the wiki, to find out what is correct name, and then use long link form [[YaST/Modules/Online_Update|YaST online update]] to have what they would have instantly if the article title wasn't in a quite unusual form.

One article is not a big problem, but we had few hundreds of articles about YaST alone that required such long links and a lot of browsing to find them. How the fact that you have to learn a lot of wiki tools in order to contribute affects number of contributors is not hard to guess.